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Computer Repair

> PC, Laptop Repair

> Laptop Screen Replacement

>Upgrade to New Hardware

>Computer Tune UP

>System Optimization

>Wireless/Wired Network Setup

>Remote Assistance

Virus Removal

If your Computer is running Slow, you might infected with virus or spyware. 

When you need help, We will do removes




>Un wanted Plug-in

We will have your Computer up and running as soon as possible.




 Data Backup, Restore          &  Recovery Service

Today's Data is a very important assets from Business to Personal. We know how to protect important Data as well many hard drive problems.

We offer:

> Data Recovery( Files, Image, Videos  Etc)

> Data Restoration including

> Several options of Data Backup

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Software  Installation

We Sell Brand New PCs and Custom Built Machine

We Install :

>Fresh copies of Windows Operating system with all required drivers.

> We Upgrade current operating to Newest Operating system.

>All Major Office Suit, Productivity Softwares and Multimedia Application.

> Install Antivirus with proper settings.

We are officially a channel partner of Lenovo. So when it comes to Brand New PC/Laptop or Tablet, we offer stock & custom systems from current Lenovo product line.


Still you want some thing that current PC market don't offer. We can build a system for Faster Game Machine, High end Graphic Machine or something else according to your need.

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