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"Cabling the Panhandle, One Cable at a Time"

Our "QSR" Shield for your Business.

Mission Statement


Our mission is simple. "Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man."  (Ecclesiastes 12:13

It is our mission to provide quality products and service to our customers giving them a more reliable and efficient operating environment.


We recognize that affordability drives many customer purchases.  At  Jean's Network Solution (JNS), we  try to balance state of the art technology with the affordability for the customer to this provides higher quality and reliability at reasonable prices. However some products and service just can't be compromised for the sake of a sale and we at JNS try to protect our customer from bad experience caused by poor quality and unreliable hardware.


We refer to this technique as QSR for " Quality, Service, Reliability." Our goal is achieved when the customer is satisfied that we have met their requirements and JNS feels it has provided the best service with out compromising.


Our business is based on Christian values, integrity and customer satisfaction. Customers don't want a company that once the contract is signed, the service ends. We at JNS are committed to  our customer's immediate needs and future needs. We desire long term relationships based on trust and mutual satisfaction.


When a customer or a service company is obligated to work under the restriction of signed long-term contract, service  actually can suffer. Standard Agreements such as used by JNS, can end on moment notice, ensuring both parties have an equal responsibility to keep the relationship based on a quality experience. Long-term contracts are accepted by JNS and administered with same integrity that Standard Agreement's are. 


Here at JNS we understand we can not satisfy all customers, but we are confident that our satisfaction rate far exceeds our competition. Help us return integrity. service and respect to the field of Information Technology.



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